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What is life101?

The Life101 series is an opportunity to explore your thoughts, your questions, your beliefs and your opinions in a relaxed, light-hearted, laid back environment of friendship and trust.

What is life all about? What is faith? Is there more to life than the here and now? Join us for a brief presentation, followed by an open discussion in which we want to hear your opinions, questions and experiences.

This is a series of evenings about Life – the way YOU see it!


Is life101 for me?

Life 101 is for everyone!

Ever contemplated over the purpose of life? Have unanswered questions about unexplainable events or coincidences? Simply interested in having deep conversations about peoples’ different life experiences? Life 101 is for you!

Whatever your faith, background, and ethnicity are, we want to listen to your outlook on life!


What is Life101 about?

What does a typical Thursday Night at Life 101 look like?

  • Meet new friends
  • Enjoy a complementary 3-course dinner
  • Attend a brief session introducing Orthodox Christian perspective
  • Share your views, and explore your opinions in an open discussion

We want to meet YOU! We want to hear from YOU! Life 101 is about YOU!




The Search for Faith
Who is Jesus?
Being Human: Fully Alive
Why Did Jesus Come to Us?
The Holy Spirit
A Pearl of Great Price
The Holy Mysteries
The Bible, Prayer, and Fasting
Christian Behaviour
Isn’t God Enough?
Heaven on Earth



Now Life 101 Series is happening at different sites in North America

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